Cedar Fair Theme Parks

Community Engagement Project

Cedar Fair Theme Parks asked us to dream up a better way to drive loyalty, facilitate customer engagement, and customize the experience for park visitors across all of their properties.

So we created the Fun. (Click the images below to enlarge.)

:: Introduction

Everybody has a Fun. It was our job to show all the ways a person’s Fun could be unleashed in Cedar Fair amusement parks.
Meet Your Fun - Concept Overview


: Fun-o-Matic

We’d make an online tool that would allow users to create their own Fun character. Just drag what you love into the Fun-o-Matic and voila!



:: Meet Your “Fun”

Each person’s Fun is entirely unique.

Meet Your Fun


:: Personalized Emails

Instead of boring emails that merely announced new rides and upcoming shows, a customer’s own personal Fun character would spread the news.

Customized Email


:: Gamification (Inside the Park)

Once inside the park, a person could utilize a mobile app to locate rides, assess wait times, accumulate reward points, and feed their Fun with interactive mini games.

Game Augmented Reality


:: Social Integration

The mobile app would automatically post photos and videos to a Facebook timeline for instant bragging rights.

Facebook Share


: End-of-Season Report Card

The mobile app would gather up the season’s stats and present it all in a nice little email. Gamification complete. Now let’s go play again.

End of Season Report Card