Volkswagen | Chicago Marathon

Swag and Outdoor

Volkswagen was sponsoring a runners’ marathon in Chicago and they needed some ideas for branded swag. These grab-and-go items were created to promote the brand and provide a benefit to both the runners and their fans. Click to enlarge the images.

:: TDI Wet Wipes

The Jetta TDI runs on clean diesel fuel. In order to reinforce this message, we’d make branded wet wipes that runners could use to clean up with during the race, or after using those disgusting portable toilets. COPY: “The people want to run. But they want to run clean.”

TDI Wet Wipes

:: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Max, the iconic talking Volkswagen Bug, will sing the 7th inning stretch at an actual home game to promote the marathon.Max sings during the 7th inning stretch.


:: Personalized SMS Billboards

We’d make it possible for friends and family to send text/SMS messages to electronic billboards around the course. This way a marathon runner could read customized encouragements from their fans as they pass.

Personalized SMS Billboards


:: Anyone Can Race

Everyone wants to see what it’s like to set the pace in a world-class marathon. We can set up a treadmill in a VW garage – complete with a video camera and a green screen. Visitors to the garage can get on the treadmill and jog against the green screen, and we’ll take their video image and superimpose it over the race footage up on the big screen, so it will look like they’re running in the race. We would send them videos of their race to share easily on Facebook or Twitter.

Lead the race, virtually